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and we develop cross-platform apps and software solutions for iOS, Android and Web.


iOS / Android apps

UI/UX Design

Interactive animations

Websites and hosting

Graphic design


Research & planning

After an initial discussion with the client, we will research the best technology for the case and make a strategy on how to develop the software solution in the most efficient way possible.


When we have settled on a strategy, it is time to build a mockup of the product with focus on the fundamental functionality and design.


Once the client approves the mockup, we are ready to get started and develop the clients new cross-platform software product.


Learn Zhuyin

Learn Zhuyin is an app where you learn the Taiwanese input method "zhuyin", also known as "bopomofo", by chatting with a virtual character who is guiding you through the learning process.

Coming soon!

We build high-quality digital products with advanced animations.

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